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Swiss Federal Council runs survey about E-ID

The Federal Council wants to act forward and quickly create the possibility for a national digital identity. Before it determines the parameters for the future E-ID, the general public should be able to actively participate in the discussion.

In order to gauge the public opinion on a national E-ID, the Federal Council started a survey describing three ambition levels of a possible E-ID implementation. The press release is available on admin.ch.

On behalf of the partners of OpenBankingProject.ch, we have submitted the following statement:
In particular, we support our core values (customer-centricity, international interoperability, open-source, inclusion of all relevant parties) and ambition level 3 to be part of the set-up of a national digital identity. Ambition level 3 enables efficient service access without media discontinuity, both across companies and across sectors, and brings significant added value for all market participants. Furthermore, ambition level 3 creates the corresponding foundations and encourages the development of cross-company collaborations in ecosystems.

You can find the complete statement here (in german).