Swiss NextGen API Sandboxes

You can develop and test applications using the Swiss NextGen API sandboxes of our partner Ergon and member Berner Kantonalbank:


Swiss NextGen API Sandbox by Sandbox Ergon (public)

Ergon's sandbox allows you to develop and test a Third-Party Provider (TPP) application for the Swiss NextGen API. This includes use cases, where a TPP can request to read the customer's bank accounts and create payments in the name of the customer. 

No sign up is needed to use the sandbox. Because the sandbox uses one shared certificate, the data used while testing is visible to everyone. Please only use test data instead of real customer data when using the public sandbox from Ergon.

Devportal Ergon

Swiss NextGen API Sandbox by Berner Kantonalbank (registration required)

The sandbox of the Berner Kantonalbank (BEKB) allows you to test the BEKB implementation of the Swiss NextGen API in a closed environment. You will have to sign up for a developer account in order to receive a personal certificate and gain access to the sandbox.


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